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Customer Service Guides & Applications

For your convenience we offer our Customer Service Guide and Application for New Service in a downloadable format. The Customer Service Guide outlines procedures and rules that apply to service, billing procedures, how to read your meter and discontinuing of service. The application for gas service is also part of the form. The Customer Service Guide and Application is also offered in Spanish for your convenience.

One application

Building, remodeling, or converting? Please contact us at the local office.

EFT Bank Draft-Pre-Authorized Payment Plan

In today’s busy world, any service that is provided that can save you time is certainly a plus. EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) allows your funds to be transferred electronically to pay your natural gas bills. Your bank account will be debited for the bill and you still receive a statement that shows the exact amount your account was debited and when for easy recording in your check register. No stamps no check writing, and no worry, what could be better than that?

Budget Payment Plan

Our Budget Payment Plan is designed to make your life and budget easier. What we do is eliminate all of the ups and downs associated with seasonal heating and cooling by averaging a 12 month period into one low monthly statement that remains the same all year long. No more surprises when you look at your monthly statement, because you know what the bill will be even before you get it in the mail. To enroll you must have a zero balance and send in a completed enrollment form. Every October we reevaluate your usage and adjust your monthly statement to reflect actual usage.

For your convenience we have now added our customer service applications and forms in an easy downloadable format that you can access and use. One more reason why Zia Natural Gas Company believes that excellent customer service goes a long way.