Proudly serving Colfax, Dona Ana, Lea and Lincoln Counties...
Same Name, Same Great Company for over 20 years now.

We would like to welcome our newest addition to the Zia Natural Gas Family...
the customers of the Rio Grande Natural Gas Association and the Village of Hatch.

Zia Natural Gas Company is a natural gas distribution and transmission utility serving over 35,000 customers in the State of New Mexico. We are proud to be able to deliver natural gas, a clean-burning and affordable source of energy, to homes and businesses in Lea, Eddy, Lincoln, Dona Ana and Colfax counties. Throughout our system, we are working to promote energy efficiency and energy conservation both in the home and as a nation. Our 55 employees take pride in providing friendly, efficient, and personal customer service and in ensuring a safe and reliable operating system. We strive to operate and maintain our natural gas system to a higher standard and work to implement the best and most effective technology available. Zia Natural Gas Company believes in being a community partner by maintaining a local office or pay center in each of the communities we serve and by participating in local organizations and events. It is our vision to ensure a safe, reliable, affordable, and environmentally healthy future for the next generation.

Zia Natural Gas Company is the culmination of several acquisitions and major investment and expansion throughout the state of New Mexico. Natural Gas Processing Co., our parent company, purchased Ruidoso Gas (1967) in 1988 and created Zia Natural Gas Company. From there, we purchased Jal Gas (1950) in 1992, Hobbs Gas (1937) in 1996, the Maxwell natural gas system (1967) in 1998, and both the Springer natural gas system (1967) and Capitan Carrizozo Natural Gas (1967) in 2006. Most recently, we have purchased the Rio Grande Natural Gas Association utility system and the gas distribution system of the Village of Hatch. However, we are not just a combination of these utilities. In each area, we have invested in major system expansion including bringing gas to the citizens of Cimarron and large areas around Ruidoso, Ruidoso Downs , Alto, and the area in between Alto, Capitan, and Carrizozo. Today, we serve customers in Hobbs, Jal, Malaga, Ruidoso, Ruidoso Downs, Nogal, Capitan, Carrizozo, Cimarron, Maxwell, and Springer Mesilla and Hatch through approximately 1000 miles of distribution main and 123 miles of transmission main.

Zia Natural Gas Company is committed to providing reliable and economical natural gas service to all its customers.

A complete copy of Zia’s Rates, Rules and Forms are available for your review in each of our district offices and within this site.  If you have any questions about our natural gas service, please call or visit your local district office.